About us

Robust Scandinavian technology

What we do

IMPETUS Afea is an expert company in computational mechanics.

We develop IMPETUS Afea Solver, a non-linear explicit finite element tool challenging the current standards of precision, robustness and user experience.

We deliver uncompromising simplicity, robustness and accuracy to the world of computational engineering

Our history

IMPETUS Afea was started in 2006 as a consulting company delivering finite element simulations to the industry. We experienced a need for increased robustness, accuracy & ease-of-use software. This led to the development of the IMPETUS Afea Solver software, starting in 2008. Today our business model is centered on our license customers. We provide modelling services and custom-tailored projects for user-driven software development.

Our key strength is the ability to offer both the software and the engineering expertise. The combination is crucial for success within the field of large deformation transient dynamics.

Our software helps our customers solve complex problems with a higher degree of accuracy.

Vision & business idea

Our vision is to become established as a byword for accuracy and simplicity, to be seen as the best and most innovative in our field.

We provide modelling services to customers who license IMPETUS software. The customer owns the process, but we help setting up the optimum IMPETUS model. In projects, we work together with our customers to develop new IMPETUS functionality. Customers can have the simulation tool exactly as they need it.

We shall:

  • Provide world-leading finite element software and competence
  • Create high-value for the end user by combining software and services
  • Seek customers with complementary long-term strategic goals
  • Develop new software functionality together with customers

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