Case study: Benteler

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Benteler Aluminum Systems Norway produces lightweight construction products for automotive applications, such as bumper systems. Manufacture of the components involve forming and welding operations. The final structures are optimized for crash loading.

“We have found IMPETUS software to be robust, you don’t need to be an expert in meshing in order to produce consistent results”

Anders Artelius
Head of Aluminium Technology – Benteler Aluminium Structures Norway AS

What we did

IMPETUS worked together with Benteler Automotive and the Institute of Energy Technology (IFE) to develop software relevant to Benteler’s design loop ,involving forming-welding-crash. The result was a methodology that enabled the complete design loop to be carried out with the same solid mesh. No manual remeshing is required between the steps.

Benteler Automotive testing and verification lab for bumper systems
IMPETUS simulation of crash loading of bumper system.

What we delivered

A GUI supporting weld seam generation and export of relevant input files to the welding analysis. The results from the welding simulations can be imported in IMPETUS software for crash simulation taking into account the material properties of the HAZ.

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