Case study: Wellbore

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Wellbore is an oil service company specializing in the downhole service segment and provides state-of-the art technology solutions. IMPETUS Afea supports Wellbore with modelling services for their in-house IMPETUS simulations.

“IMPETUS software lets us reduce cost and time in developing new concepts”

Eirik Enerstvedt
CEO – Wellbore AS

What we did

Wellbore uses IMPETUS for simulation of processes with large deformations, mainly for steel components, at different levels of scale. Examples are expansion analysis of casing and subsequent collapse analysis, and grip strength analysis of slips and simulations involving expansion in formation. Preparation of lab testing is also supported by IMPETUS simulations.

Using IMPETUS software to optimize cone shape for expansion of threaded casing connections.
Preparing for lab testing.

What we delivered

Modelling services used for optimization of wellbore components. Examples are material calibration of steel with regard to strain hardening and material failure. Analysis of expansion and subsequent collapse analysis of the pressurized component required detailed knowledge of material behavior for reverse loading conditions.

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