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IMPETUS DEFENCE is a project between IMPETUS Afea, Nammo, the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) and the Norwegian Defense Estates Agency (NDEA) running in the period 2015-2017.

The aim is to develop new defense capabilities in the IMPETUS Afea Solver. IMPETUS works with the customers to create new software functionality aimed at describing processes relevant to the partners.

“After an evaluation phase of IMPETUS software

we were in business”

Gard Ødegårdstuen
Manager R&D, Medium & Large Caliber Division, Nammo

What we did

The figure shows Nammo’s model of detonation of High Explosive (TNT) tube experiments. IMPETUS software with discrete particle physics is used to simulate the detonation pressure, velocity and energy. Nammo has validated the discrete particle functionality of IMPETUS software used for detonation waves in super-compressed gases.

Simulation of High Explosive (TNT) tube experiment

What we delivered

Nammo is part of the IMPETUS DEFENCE project, together with FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment), Forsvarsbygg (Norwegian Defence Estates Agency) and IMPETUS Afea. The project develops new defense capabilities of the IMPETUS Afea Solver.