IMPETUS Afea Solver

Software features

IMPETUS Afea Solver is a system for non-linear explicit finite element simulations. It is primarily developed to predict large deformations of structures and components exposed to extreme loading conditions.

The system comes with computational modules, graphical user interface, job manager, powerful editor, efficient input format, documented version control and more.

System description

Our vision is to become established as a byword for accuracy and simplicity, to be seen as the best and most innovative in our field.



The solver is purely Lagrangian. All finite element and contact calculations are carried out in double precision.

User friendliness

We believe that our users prefer to focus on the physics of their actual problems and not troubleshooting the input.

Solid elements

Our unique higher order element technology is well suited for processes involving extreme deformations.


An efficient FE-SPH contact algorithm handles most complex situations. For example, real industrial fluid structure interaction scenarios.

Mine blast

Unique particle method, which can be applied to gases and high explosives, as well as to wet and dry soil. Well-tuned blast simulations for soil.

GPU technology

The solver is adapted to GPU (NVIDIA CUDA) technology and runs with high computational speed on standard desktops.

We deliver uncompromising simplicity, robustness and accuracy to the world of computational engineering.

Key features

  • Unique higher-order solid element technology
  • True surface-to-surface contact appreciating the smooth surfaces of the higher order elements
  • General node splitting algorithm for crack-propagation and conservation of mass in fragmentation analysis
  • Modern user interface with high level of user experience
  • Parametrization of models
  • Always double precision
  • GPU adapted (NVIDIA CUDA) for high computational speed – no need for large investment in data clusters
  • Discrete particle method (DP) for high explosives, air and soil with strong coupling to finite elements (FE)
  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) approach for water with strong coupling to finite elements (FE)
  • Automatic report generation
  • Elegant workflow between assembler, editor and job scheduler
  • Material and object libraries
  • Access to documentation of latest version control, verification and validation.

Video gallery

TARDEC generic vehicle hull
Blast loading of offshore structure
Dropped object loading
Explosion tube
Visco-elastic ball undergoing extreme deformations
Hot strip rolling simulation