Modelling services

You are the expert and own your process. As in all engineering processes ‒ it is complicated. Your concern lies with coordinating engineers, keeping up with using a multitude of software, design codes, regulations, customer requirements and a new product that has to be finished on time. Let us help you to set up the optimum IMPETUS model that is just right for your process. By working together, we will mutually discover both challenges and opportunities and learn to speak the same language.

Modelling services are for license customers only.

We can offer assistance in complex projects by preparing models and simulation beds for you in advance.

What we offer

  • Work on-site together with your engineers to understand your processes and how IMPETUS can be of value
  • Customized training to fit your processes
  • Express model set-up
  • Express meshing services
  • Assist with simulations when your computational capacity is strained
  • Assist in customer meetings
  • Quality control of models and simulation results
  • Direct point-of-contact with experienced engineers at IMPETUS
  • Material calibration
  • Specialized materials library for your material calibrations
  • Define your design loop and set-up automatic report generation
  • Methodology development and validation
  • Recommended Modelling Practices for your process included with software version control

Modelling services are charged per hour and is a framework agreement on top of the license agreement.

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