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Robust problem solving

Cost reduction through simulation

Impetus BASIC is our civilian offering for applications requiring velocities under 500 m/s. This package is ideally suited to work with issues related to manufacturing processes and has repeatedly been shown to offer cost savings and improved results.

This has been achieved through implementing accurate simulations at earlier stages of development allowing for optimisation of design loops, shorter R&D processes, reduced reliance on physical testing and fewer iterations.

These improvements also allow for simplified workflows, and the general efficiency of our algorithms, coupled with GPU acceleration saves on computation time.


Streamlining processes

Simplify workflows, reduce iterations

The user-friendly focus of the Impetus Solver interface allows for parameterised input files and the simple initiation of parameter studies so you can easily compare response parameters to explore the domains of your process. These parameters can in turn control geometry, material, load and boundary conditions and generate reports including 2D curves, images and videos.

It is also easy to perform multi-stage analysis assessing the effect of process parameters such as forming, welding and pre-torque of bolts on the performance of your final system. And in addition, our solid element technology handles contact and boundary conditions with market-leading accuracy.

The effect of spatial discretisation can be studied by simply changing the polynomial order of our solid elements or with the use of our automatic mesh refinement functionality. Sensor information can also provide feedback to loads and boundary conditions allowing for a 1:1 representation of your real-world set-up. 

Oil and gas

Improving safety

Dropped objects, accidental loading, material failure and structural collapse modes

The detailed response chain of accidental loading on complex structures are hard to estimate without numerical simulations. Often it is not cost effective or even possible to perform a full scale experiment.

A good model will reduce the conservatism of simpler calculations and often prove that the original design loads can be greatly exceeded without compromising on the structural integrity. This can be achieved by efficient solid element models and associated material damage criteria tailor made for large-scale structures.

The advantage of our full 3D models is the possibility to visualise the accidental load response in detail, using videos with overlay of sensor data, such as deflection or material damage. This is great material for decision makers and provides a way to communicate both with customers and  internally within the organisation.  


High precision at high velocities

Ballistics, explosives and high velocity impacts

Impetus DEFENSE provides an efficient virtual test lab for defense applications to both complement and inform physical experiments. It provides for consistent methodologies in modelling structures subjected to extreme loading, the effects of shaped charges, interior ballistics and high velocity impacts. The Discrete Particle engine models high explosives interaction with sand, air and deformable structures and makes it possible to generate advanced particle structure interactions.

Our CFD engine provides for accurate simulation of explosives and gases, our Surface SPH engine is engineered to handle liquids or solid materials undergoing extreme deformations. There is also a Vulnerable Area Assessment tool for assessing survivability in protected vehicles and a Fragmentation tool for analysis of strike patterns, velocity and impact of fragmenting explosive ordnance. 

It is also possible to perform very realistic simulations of complete vehicles and/or armour systems being subjected to blast loading from IEDs buried in soil. All our computational engines are fully coupled and GPU accelerated, allowing for more efficient workflows with fewer steps and high computational performance.

Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.

Secure & scalable GPU resources

Our secure CLOUD service offers flexible access to scalable GPU processing from anywhere in the world. We are ISO 27001 certified.

Our solution provides high performance computing without the need for localised investment in hardware and maintenance.

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