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Pre-calibrated objects and materials

The Impetus MARKET is a portal and library containing various collections of data useful in setting up and running effective simulation projects. It is an open platform where registered users are able to upload and license their own data sets, or utilise those provided by others from around the world.

Situations may arise where your project requires the latest data on a particular material calibration, or where a particular template for a test might be useful. There may be times where downloading a bolt or a particular projectile might save some time compared to creating the mesh from scratch yourself. Our solution to this is Impetus MARKET.

Our Impetus MARKET platform allows users to download pre-calibrated data collections and related documentation called ‘objects’. These objects consist of a set of commands, meta-data and documentation packed into a binary file. These objects can be managed and licensed through our platform securely and efficiently.

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Parametrised bolt mesh object
Laminated glass object
S2 fiberglass object
Hybrid III dummy object
Armox 440T material object
Flexural test object
Concrete material object
Shipping container object

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Impetus MARKET contains a wide variety of objects from users around the world. Some objects are curated by Impetus and include specialist glass and steel material calibrations, generic projectiles such as RPG and Armour piercing munitions, a wide variety of bolts, test templates and metal, composite, concrete,  and ceramic materials.

With access to these pre-calibrated materials, meshes and other data, it is possible to save time and resources by eliminating the need to create these from scratch whilst simultaneously ensuring the latest up to date and highest quality data for your projects.

Some of our users have already begun to contribute by uploading their own objects for licensed distribution. Nordmetall GmbH for example, provide a variety of materials objects such as Mars 240 and 220 and Armox steel among others. AFUS Forschungsgesellschaft mbH have also made their biofidelic dummy model available on the platform.

Card stack of objects in Impetus MARKET with concrete material object on top

Pre-calibrated materials

Our materials available on the Impetus MARKET have undergone validation and are subject to continuous quality controls before and after release. Extensive documentation is also included with each object so you know exactly what the limitations may be.

Objects, templates and presets

Impetus has a collection of standard templates available to save you time in arranging your simulation setup. These include a variety of standard tensile, shear and flexural tests, compression tests, impact and torsion test templates.

For DEFENSE users we also provide templates for various ballistics applications. Our calibrated Hybrid III ATD dummy is useful for assessing the protective capacity of armoured vehicles exposed to IEDs.

Card stack of objects in Impetus MARKET with hybrid III dummy object on top
Card stack of objects in Impetus MARKET with a drone on top

Upload and sell your own objects

Impetus MARKET is now also fully functional for online transactions. This means that users* now have the ability to upload, license and distribute their own objects to other users.

If your organisation has useful, quality data ready for distribution you can license and distribute via this platform.

It is also possible to lock certain data within an object and protect important intellectual property. This means users can produce results without direct access to the raw calibration data.

Visit to find out more.

*Subject to a separate supplier agreement

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Join us at Impetus MARKET

Our online objects library offers pre-calibrated data for use in your simulations. You can also upload and license your own objects to the rest of the community!

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Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.

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