General information

A model is built up by a series of commands.

parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, ...
Abbreviation Description
bc Boundary condition
cid Curve ID
coid Command ID
csysid Coordinate system ID
did Damage command ID
direc Direction
enid Entity ID
entype Entity type
eosid Equation-of-state ID
fid Function ID
gid Geometry ID
mfid Merge failure ID
mid Material ID
nid Node ID
nsid Node set ID
pid Part ID
setid Set ID
tid Thermal property ID
$sf$ Scale factor
t${}_{beg}$ Command activation time
t${}_{end}$ Command deactivation time
$tol$ Tolerance
User input abbreviations

Abbreviations are also used to simplify the user input. As an example, to constrain the motion of a part with ID=20 in x-direction, the command BC_MOTION is used in the following way:

P, 20, X

Here P, 20 refers to a part 20 and X refers to the x-direction. A complete list of user input abbreviations follow below.

Abbreviation Description
E Element
ES Element set
F Element face
FS Element face set
G Geometry
GS Geometry set
M Material
N Node
NS Node set
P Part
PS Part set
ALL Everything
A Acceleration
V Velocity
D Displacement
X x-coordinate
Y y-coordinate
Z z-coordinate