Mesh commands
"Optional title"
coid, entype, enid, $t_{birth}$, $t_{death}$, $\xi$
Parameter definition
coid Command ID
entype Entity type
options: ES, G, GS, P, PS
enid Entity ID
$t_{birth}$ Time or FUNCTION defining element activation
$t_{death}$ Time or FUNCTION defining element deactivation
$\xi$ Optional strength of not yet activated elements
default: 0

This command lets the user activate or deactivate elements at a pre-defined time or on a certain signal. If a FUNCTION is used an element is activated or deactivated on function values > 0.

The optional constant $0 \le \xi \le 1$ is used to scale the internal forces of unactivated elements. $\xi$ is typically used in situations where nodes of unactivated elements are part of a MERGE interface and where the nodes need to be active from time 0 to avoid the formation of gaps. A typical application is weld seams where the weld elements need to follow the deformation of the base material. Else they will not be activated at the correct location.