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Output files

Output files

The solver outputs global simulation results in binary files with the extension .imp. A header file impetus.imp is created when the simulation begins and each frame that is being output is written to its own file (impetus_0000.imp, impetus_0001.imp etc.). The output interval is specified in the command OUTPUT. The global output is complemented with a set of ASCII files having the extension .out. The data in the .imp and .out-files can be read and visualized by the IMPETUS Afea GUI.

ASCII files

Files Content
coordinate_system.out Coordinate system location and orientation. Activated by COORDINATE_SYSTEM_FIXED
contact.out Forces, energies and maximum penetration for each contact interface. Activated by CONTACT
dt.out Time step size information.Always active
element.out Stresses and plastic strain of a user defined set of elements. Activated by OUTPUT_ELEMENT
energy.out Global energies.Always active
glue_surface.out Resultant force levels and energies in glued interfaces. Activated by CONNECTOR_GLUE_SURFACE
load_force.out Force levels and external work due to applied forces. Activated by LOAD_FORCE
load_pressure.out Resultant force levels and external work due to applied pressure loads. Activated by LOAD_PRESSURE
merge.out Forces and delaminated area between merged interfaces. Activated by MERGE
node.out Location, velocity and acceleration of a user defined set of nodes. Activated by OUTPUT_NODE
part.out Masses (physical and mass scaling) and energies by part. Activated by PART
particle_domain.out Discrete and SPH particle energy levels. Activated by PARTICLE_DOMAIN
particle_contact.out Impulses transferred from discrete ans SPH particles to FE parts. Activated by PARTICLE_DOMAIN
particle_sensor.out Particle pressure, density and flow velocity. Activated by OUTPUT_SENSOR
prescribed.out Reaction forces and moments on kinematically constrained surfaces and rigid bodies. Activated by BC_MOTION
prescribed_thermal.out Heat flux across boundaries with prescribed temperature fields. Activated by BC_TEMPERATURE
rigid.out Displacements, velocities and forces acting on rigid bodies. Activated by MAT_RIGID
rigid_body_joint.out Rigid joint forces, torques, displacements and rotations. Activated by RIGID_BODY_JOINT
sensor.out Material motion and state at sensor locations. Activated by OUTPUT_SENSOR
sph_contact.out SPH-structure contact forces, energies and largest penetration. Activated by SPH_FLUID
spr.out SPR point connector forces, moments, deformations and damage. Activated by CONNECTOR_SPR
spring.out Spring forces. Activated by CONNECTOR_SPRING
impetus_stateX.k State file with elements, nodes, merge, joint and contact information. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_state_boltX.k State file with automatically generated commands to lock nuts to prestressed bolts. Activated by PRESTRESS_BOLT

Binary files

Files Content
impetus.imp Global simulation results.Always active
impetus_databaseX.bin Model database file. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_databaseX.dat Model database file. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_stateX.bin State file with element stresses, strains and state variables. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_state_veloX.bin State file with node velocities. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_state_particleX.bin State file with discrete particle location, velocity and energy levels. Activated by PARTICLE_DOMAIN