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Frequently asked questions

A set of Frequently Asked Questions, compiled to provide quick answers to some of the most common questions related to our software.

Is there a trial version or a demo available before purchasing the annual license?

Yes, visit our pre-license page for more info.


How is technical support provided?

Support is mainly handled through support@impetus.no where customers can send in technical questions or bug reports.

We also provide a help portal which serves as the central hub for all support needs. It consists of a comprehensive knowledge base, packed with resources like installation guides, how-tos, tutorials, FAQs and demo models to help one get the most out of our products.

How do you handle software maintenance, such as bug fixes and performance improvements?

Impetus Solver is under constant development. Bug fixes and performance improvements are part of the development cycle.

How often do you release new versions of the software, and are these included in the license fee?

Official versions of Engine are usually released twice a year. These versions are fully verified through extensive QA-testing.

Beta versions are updated more frequently than the official releases. They contain bug fixes and new features. When using a Beta release users must be aware that it is not fully verified / QA-tested.

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Is training available to learn how to use the software?

In our Help Portal, one can find guides, how-tos, tutorials, FAQs and demo models to help you learn how to use our software package.

We can also provide online training, as well as physical training in one of our locations. Please contact us for more information.

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Do you offer discounts for multi-year licenses or for purchasing licenses for multiple users?

We do not offer discounts for multi-year licenses.

We have options of ‘site’ or ‘mini-site’, which provides additional license units at a reduced price. Please contact us for more information.

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Are there any compliance requirements or regulations that I need to be aware of when using your software?

Impetus DEFENSE package is under export control and require Norwegian and Swedish government approval.

What platforms does your software support?

We currently support Windows 10/11, Ubuntu 20.04 and Centos 7 (can also be used for SUSE Linux).

What is the price of a BASIC/DEFENSE license?

Please contact us or one of our distributors in your region for a quote.

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Getting started

IMPETUS Solver is a system for non-linear explicit simulations. The system is made up of different software components, data libraries and documentation.

Verifier documentation

Each released version of IMPETUS Solver’s computational modules is subjected to version control based on a benchmark database.

The benchmark database contains verification tests, validation tests and tests subjected to version control only. Tests in the benchmark database are organised and run with an internal software called the Verifier. Tests are associated with targets, which are automatically checked by the Verifier. Documentation generated from the Verifier is presented below and is updated in conjunction with official releases of the software.

User material models

IMPETUS Afea Solver comes with support for user defined material models. For information about how it works, please check the documentation below:

Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.

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Secure & scalable GPU resources

Our secure CLOUD service offers flexible access to scalable GPU processing from anywhere in the world. We are ISO 27001 certified.

Our solution provides high performance computing without the need for localised investment in hardware and maintenance.

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