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Secure, scalable GPU resources

Impetus CLOUD is our remote access cloud computing service, providing access to GPU clusters hosted at our secure location in Norway.

We offer a set of tiered solutions based on NVIDIA A6000 or RTX6000 units in clusters of up to 8 nodes, with up to 960GB RAM and total GPU memory of 384GB. This offering has the potential to provide great savings on expenditure on in-house hardware and maintenance and can be provided through 3, 6, 9 or 12 month plans.

DNV ISO 27001 certificate
ISMS Certification

Impetus Afea AS and Impetus Afea AB have undergone an audit by DNV and been found to conform to the Information Security System standard ISO/IEC27001:2013

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Technical overview

The Impetus CLOUD architecture is built upon a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) framework, comprising a pool of Virtual Machines (VMs) responsible for various system functions. These VMs manage different facets of the system.

The environment is shielded by multiple firewalls to ensure robust protection against unauthorised access. Client access is through an encrypted Remote Desktop server accessible via HTTPS login.

The storage infrastructure employs a Storage Area Network (SAN), separate from the compute servers.

Additionally, logins are further protected with two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced security. To ensure redundancy, a separate backup environment located in a separate location is connected via a P2P fibre solution.

Example plans – NVIDIA A6000 / RTX6000
GPU ConfigurationTotal GPU
memory (GB)
Total RAM
memory (GB)
No. Virtual
CPU cores
VM1 – 1 GPU1 x A6000 / RTX60004812484
VM1 – 2 GPU2 x A6000 / RTX600096248168
VM1 – 4 GPU4 x A6000 / RTX60001924963216
VM1 – 8 GPU8 x A6000 / RTX60003849606432

Security overview

The foundation of our security systems is our ISO 27001 certification, which we received in June of 2023. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It provides a framework for organisations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve on their information security practices.

The scope of the certification applies to all Impetus processes.

Our CLOUD service is hosted in Norway, where we possess and maintain control over the hardware infrastructure. To safeguard access via RDP & HTTPS, we employ automatic Microsoft updates to ensure the installation of the latest server software versions, implement the principle of least privilege, option of IP access restrictions, and more.

Access from the internet is provided through an encrypted HTTPS gateway server behind an exposed firewall.

Additionally, our firewalls are equipped with Threat Prevention and URL filtering capabilities. Backup procedures entail end-to-end encryption utilising AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring data encryption both at rest and in transit.

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Secure & scalable GPU resources

Our secure CLOUD service offers flexible access to scalable GPU processing from anywhere in the world. We are ISO 27001 certified.

Our solution provides high performance computing without the need for localised investment in hardware and maintenance.

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