News IMPETUS Conference 2019

IMPETUS Conference 2019

IMPETUS User Meeting (ID 2.5)

Accurate and robust simulations of impact, blast and terminal ballistics require proper knowledge.

Both pre-calibrated material models and validated models of threats reduce risks of errors in the model set-up. Having such knowledge stored in a system, accessible to many users, can make the engineering process highly efficient and user-friendly. However, protection of valuable data is crucial for all interacting parties.

This meeting will focus on how the IMPETUS platform can help users collaborate and exchange data in a secure and flexible manner. We also want to raise the question and discuss how the platform can be improved.

IMPETUS will demonstrate new advanced material models for terminal ballistics and how the calibrated material data can be protected and licensed by users within the IMPETUS community.

The meeting is an opportunity to bring together IMPETUS users having expertise on material testing and material calibration, test laboratories, research organisations, universities, agencies, consulting companies, suppliers and OEMs within the defense market.


IMPETUS User Meeting (ID2.5) is a one-day event held at SPIRA Kultursenter in Flekkefjord.

  • 08:00Registration
  • 08:30Welcome and today’s agenda
    A. G. Hanssen (IMPETUS Afea)
  • 09:00Objects and templates in IMPETUS
    H. Vistnes, L. Olovsson, A. G. Hanssen (IMPETUS Afea)
  • 09:45Pre-defined threat objects as a basis for accurate evaluation of survivability
    K-P. Sjösvärd (Synergic Survivability AB)
  • 10:00Coffee break
  • 10:20Material testing and calibration of high-strength steels for terminal ballistic – Roadmap for material objects
    N. Herzig (Nordmetall GmbH, Neukirchen-Adorf, Germany)
  • 10:50Modelling of metals in ballistics and blast loading applications – recent advances
    L. Olovsson and M. Menchawi (IMPETUS Afea)
  • 11:20Nammo Raufoss simulation development
    A. C. Jacobsen and G. Ødegårdstuen (Nammo, Raufoss, Norway)
  • 11:50Photo session & lunch
  • 13:00Blast simulations at AUDI AG – what do we need for the future?
    P. Haffner and P. Daniel (AUDI AG, Neckarsulm/Ingolstadt, Germany)
  • 13:30Fully integrated blast simulations – from IED to response of HIII
    G. Quiriconi, A. Grimaldi, S. Candiotto (IVECO Defence Vehicles, Bolzano, Italy)
  • 14:00Buried mine on vehicle target: a comparison between numerical methods
    D. Lebaillif (Nexter Systems, Versailles, France), A. Bufalo (Nexter Systems, Bourges, France)
  • 14:30Coffee break
  • 14:50Use of IMPETUS in design of protective solutions
    S. O. Christensen, T. Grue, P. T. Ingier, S. B. Heggelund (Norwegian Defence Estates Agency, Oslo, Norway)
  • 15:20Using IMPETUS for Shock Physics studies: Applications to concrete perforation, High-G acceleration and Hypervelocity impacts
    P. Hereil (THIOT Ingenierie, Puybrun, France)
  • 15:50OS P4D – a template based on IMPETUS for structural capacity of Mekano® systems
    M. K. Halvorsen (HILTI – Øglænd System, Klepp, Norway)
  • 16:10Importance of predicting the correct deformation modes in FE simulations
    T. Tryland (Sintef Manufacturing, Raufoss, Norway)
  • 16:30Closing and wrap up
    A. G. Hanssen (IMPETUS Afea)
  • 18:00Social programme and dinner – meet at quay for boat trip

Travel & Venue


SPIRA Kultursenter, Elvegaten 1, N-4400 Flekkefjord, Norway


Wednesday 26 June 2019

Hotel accommodation

  • Grand Hotel, Anders Beers gate 9, N-4400, Flekkefjord, Norway
  • Maritim Fjord Hotel, Sundegaten 9, N-4400, Flekkefjord, Norway

All participants have been assigned rooms and received separate notice of which hotel they are booked into. Price per room/person/night including breakfast is 1295 NOK. Participants to pay hotel accommodation directly at the hotel.


  • By plane:
    • Stavanger airport (SVG). Rent a car and drive to Flekkefjord (120 km – max 2 hours).
  • By car from the Continent:
    • Drive to Hirtshals in Denmark and take the ferry to Kristiansand (approximately 3 hrs). Drive from Kristiansand to Flekkefjord (1.5 hrs).


See map below.


€150 / person to cover coffee breaks, lunch, dinner and social programme. There is no fee for IMPETUS DEFENSE 2 partners or for presenters.

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Contact information

Arve Grønsund Hanssen
mobile: +47 957 25 801

Harald Vistnes
mobile: +47 924 61 469

Strandgaten 32, N-4400 Flekkefjord, Norway
Tel: +47 38 37 66 70

Grand Hotel
Anders Beers gate 9, N-4400, Flekkefjord, Norway
Tel: +47 38 32 58 00

Maritim Fjord Hotel
Sundegaten 9, N-4400, Flekkefjord, Norway
Tel: +47 38 32 53 00


Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.