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IMPETUS Afea Solver is a system for non-linear explicit finite element simulations. You invest in IMPETUS software if large-deformation response of components and structures is a key element of your process and if accuracy, robustness and simplicity adds value to your company.

From the system components of IMPETUS Afea Solver, we define a range of products.

Technical information

Our basic package

What you need in order to run general non-linear explicit finite element analyses. The software has an assembly mode for easy model set-up, editor for input file control, job manager and post processing functionality. Examples of use are crash analysis, forming analysis, dropped object analysis, ballistic impact, protection and energy absorbing devices.

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Defense tailored

This product makes it easy to simulate blast loading from high explosives and how this loading interacts with air, soil and structures represented by finite elements. This functionality is add-on to the Impetus BASIC package. The solution makes it possible to undertake realistic simulations of complete vehicles and/or armor systems being subjected to blast loading from IEDs buried in soil.

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Addons features

Do you have special simulation challenges? Do you need do transient analysis of fluid-structure interaction coupled with large structural deformations? Or perhaps your process is welding? Let us learn more about your processes and needs to see if our software products can help you.

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