coid, "name${}_a$", fcn${}_a$, type${}_a$
"name${}_1$", fcn${}_1$, type${}_1$
"name${}_n$", fcn${}_n$, type${}_n$
Parameter definition
filename File name for ASCII output (command ID and .out will be added as an extension)
coid Command ID
name${}_a$ Optional name of abscissa
default: Time
fcn${}_a$ ID of optional FUNCTION defining abscissa
default: not used
type${}_a$ Optional data type of abscissa
name${}_1$ Name of variable 1
fcn${}_1$ ID of FUNCTION defining variable 1
type${}_1$ Data type of variable 1
name${}_n$ Name of variable n
fcn${}_n$ ID of FUNCTION defining variable n
type${}_n$ Data type of variable n

This is a command that allows for flexible ASCII time history output. The user defines his/her own file name and variable names. The output interval is $\Delta t_{ascii}$, as defined in OUTPUT. The data type input is optional. If defined then the correct units will be displayed when plotting the curves.

User defined ASCII output

User defined output of resultant contact force and distance between two sensors. The file name becomes my_output_20.out.

"resultant force", 10, force
"x-distance", 11, length
"resultant force"
sqrt( fxc(33)^2 + fyc(33)^2 + fzc(33)^2 )
xs(22) - xs(21)
"part 1 to part 2"
P, 1, P, 2
"first sensor"
21, 1, 2.0, 2.0, 3.0
"second sensor"
22, 1, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0