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Command list


Mesh commands
nsid, stype, pid, nseg, $a$, $roff$

Parameter definition

nsid ID of node set defining weld path
stype Weld cross section discretization
1 $\rightarrow$ 1 triangle
2 $\rightarrow$ 3 quads
3 $\rightarrow$ 1 quad
pid Part ID of generated weld mesh
nseg Number of elements along weld path
default: Same discretization as the weld path
$a$ Weld thickness (a-value)
$roff$ Weld root offset


This command is used to generate the mesh of a weld seam. The solver terminates immediately after outputting the generated grid to the file weld.k. The weld seam is to be connected to the welded parts with the MERGE command. The mechanical properties in the heat affected zone (HAZ) can be accounted for by importing results from WeldSim (TM) through the command INITIAL_STATE_WELDSIM, or by manually defing properties through INITIAL_STATE_HAZ. Note that a weld root offset ($roff > 0$) requires a 1-quad section (stype = 3). The 1-quad section is not allowed if $roff = 0$.


Weld 1

The commands below define two simple weld seams that are stored in weld.k under part ID's 10 and 11.

1, 3, 10, 8, 5.0e-3
2, 2, 11, 0, 5.0e-3, 1.0e-3
133, 143
181, 183, 185, 187, 189, 191
Two weld lines
Two weld lines
Weld 2

The weld geometry in weld.k can be merged with the original input using the INCLUDE command.

"welds to plates"
PS, 2, PS, 1
1, 2, 3
10, 11
The generated weld seams merged with the original geometry
The generated weld seams merged with the original geometry