Attention: This command is in the beta stage and the format may change over time.
"Optional title"
sid, $t_{clean}$, gid, repeat, $m_{min}$, $W_{min}$, $v_{min}$
$n_x$, $n_y$, $n_z$
Parameter definition
sid Subdomain ID
$t_{clean}$ Clean-up time
gid Geometry ID
repeat Flag to repeat clean-up at time interval $t_{clean}$
0 $\rightarrow$ clean up once
1 $\rightarrow$ repeat
$m_{min}$ Minimum SPH fragment mass
default: not used
$W_{min}$ Minimum SPH fragment kinetic energy
default: not used
$v_{min}$ Minimum SPH fragment velocity
default: not used
$n_x$, $n_y$, $n_z$ SPH fragment velocity projection direction
default: not used

This command is used to de-activate particles inside a geometry at time $t_{clean}$.

For SPH particles the geometry ID can be omitted. If omitted then two options are available:

Option 1

If none of the parameters $m_{min}$, $W_{min}$ or $v_{min}$ have been defined, then all SPH fragments except the largest chunk of material will be deleted.

Option 2

All SPH fragments with a mass, kinetic energy or velocity smaller than $m_{min}$, $W_{min}$ or $v_{min}$ will be deleted. If the optional direction vector $\bf{n}$ is defined, then both the projected fragment velocity and the projected kinetic energy are compared against the threshold values $W_{min}$ and $v_{min}$.