Boundary conditions
"Optional title"
entype, enid, csysid, trig, multiple, velocity
$\Delta_x$, $\Delta_y$, $\Delta_z$, $\theta_x$, $\theta_y$, $\theta_z$, $\Delta v_x$, $\Delta v_y$, $\Delta v_z$
Parameter definition
coid Command ID (optional)
entype Entity type
options: P, PS
enid Entity identification number
csysid Optional coordinate system ID
default: global coordinates are used
trig Time or FUNCTION (fcn) to trigger teleportation
options: time or fcn
multiple Flag to allow for multiple teleportations
0 $\rightarrow$ maximum once
1 $\rightarrow$ teleport every time the trig function returns a positive value
velocity Flag to keep velocities after teleportation
0 $\rightarrow$ reset velocities
1 $\rightarrow$ keep velocities
$\Delta_x$, $\Delta_y$, $\Delta_z$ Teleportation displacement or FUNCTION (fcn)
options: scalar value or fcn
$\theta_x$, $\theta_y$, $\theta_z$ Teleportation rotation (rad) or FUNCTION (fcn)
options: scalar value or fcn
$\Delta v_x$, $\Delta v_y$, $\Delta v_z$ Teleportation velocity or FUNCTION (fcn)
options: scalar value or fcn

This command is used to instantaneously translate, rotate and modify the velocity of a part or part set on a signal (time or positive function value).