"Optional title"
type, gid, $dsf$, ., ., ., ., $t_{end}$
$\rho_0$, $k$, $\mu$, $\xi$, $v$, $\eta$
Parameter definition
sid Subdomain ID
type Soil type
DRY $\rightarrow$ dry sand
WET $\rightarrow$ fully saturated wet sand
USER $\rightarrow$ user defined
gid Geometry ID
$dsf$ Particle density scale factor (particles per unit volume)
default: 1
$t_{end}$ Particle deactivation time or FUNCTION (fcn)
options: time or fcn
default: not used
$\rho_0$ Density (this line is only used if type=USER)
$k$ Grain contact stiffness
$\mu$ Grain contact coefficient of friction
$\xi$ Grain contact damping coefficient
$v$ Fill fraction (typically between 0.58 and 0.62)
$\eta$ Dimensionless shear cap coefficient

Discrete particle soil domain definition.

The subdomain ID (sid) determines in which order particles are filled into the global domain. In case subdomains are overlapping, the domain with the largest ID will overwrite (remove) particles belonging to domains with lower domain ID's.