Coordinate system
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csysid, N${}_1$, N${}_2$, N${}_3$
Parameter definition
csysid Unique identification number
N${}_1$, N${}_2$, N${}_3$ Nodes defining the location and direction of the local system

Defines a local cartesian coordinate system. The system is defined through 3 user defined nodes. This system will automatically be updated if the nodes are moving. The local x-direction, $\hat{\mathrm{x}}$, is defined as the direction of a vector pointing from node N${}_1$ to N${}_2$. The local z-direction, $\hat{\mathrm{z}}$ is defined as the cross product of $\hat{\mathrm{x}}$ and the vector pointing from N${}_1$ to N${}_3$. The local y-direction is $\hat{\mathrm{y}} = \hat{\mathrm{z}} \times \hat{\mathrm{x}}.$

Coordinate system defined by three nodes
Coordinate system defined by three nodes