Coordinate system
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csysid, $x_0$, $y_0$, $z_0$
$\hat{z}_x$, $\hat{z}_y$, $\hat{z}_z$, $\hat{R}_{0x}$, $\hat{R}_{0y}$, $\hat{R}_{0z}$
Parameter definition
csysid Unique identification number
$x_0$ X-coordinate of a point on the cylinder axis
$y_0$ Y-coordinate of a point on the cylinder axis
$z_0$ Z-coordinate of a point on the cylinder axis
$\hat{z}_x$ X-component of axial direction
$\hat{z}_y$ Y-component of axial direction
$\hat{z}_z$ Z-component of axial direction
$\hat{R}_{0x}$ X-component of radial direction at $\theta=0$
$\hat{R}_{0y}$ Y-component of radial direction at $\theta=0$
$\hat{R}_{0z}$ Z-component of radial direction at $\theta=0$

Defines a fixed local cylindrical coordinate system. A point on the cylindrical center axis is located at ($x_0$, $y_0$, $x_0$) and the local axial direction is ($\hat{z}_x$, $\hat{z}_y$, $\hat{z}_z$).

Cylindrical coordinate system
Cylindrical coordinate system