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$x_d$, $y_d$, $z_d$, $t_d$, $R$, fast, gid, sid
Parameter definition
dpid Detonation point ID
$x_d$, $y_d$, $z_d$ Detonation point
$t_d$ Detonation time
$R$ Detonation radius
fast Flag to activate simplified (fast) detonation path calculation
0 $\rightarrow$ default detonation path
1 $\rightarrow$ simplified detonation path
gid Detonation geometry ID
default: not used
sid Subdomain ID
default: not used

This command complements PARTICLE_HE and it is used to define a detonation point. Multiple detonation points can be defined by specifying more than one command. The detonation radius $R$ limits the distance the detonation front is allowed to propagate through programmed burn.

By default the detonation path is simulated during initialization. The detonation front propagates from particle to particle. Obstacles and air gaps will block the detonation front. Setting fast=1 assumes a simple radial detonation front that does not stop at gaps or obstacles. The detonation time at a given point is then simply $t_d + r / D$, where $r$ is the radial distance from the detonation point and $D$ is the detonation velocity.

The detonation point is neglected if the detonation geometry gid is defined. Instead of detonating at a point, all particles inside the geometry will be initiated at time $t_d$.

The optional parameter sid is used to limit the detonation process one specific subdomain ID.