Initial conditions
ip, n${}_{s1}$, n${}_{s2}$, n${}_{s3}$, n${}_{m1}$, n${}_{m2}$, n${}_{m3}$, $\delta$, $f_x$, $f_y$, $f_z$
Parameter definition
ip Slave triangle quadrature point ID
n${}_{s1}$, n${}_{s2}$, n${}_{s3}$ Slave triangle nodes
n${}_{m1}$, n${}_{m2}$, n${}_{m3}$ Master triangle nodes
$\delta$ Contact penetration
$f_x$, $f_y$, $f_z$ Friction vector

Definition of the initial contact state. This command is used by the solver when writing a state file (impetus_state_contactX.k) for the complete model or for a set of parts (see parameter enid${}_{res}$ in OUTPUT).