News Welcome to our new blog channel

Welcome to our new blog channel

Purpose of the blog

With the rapid development of our software package, it has become clear that we need an effective channel to communicate news and updates. Therefore, we decided to start this blog.

Latest news and in-depth walk-through of new functionality

Blog posts will cover everything from new commands to in-depth walk-through on specific functionalities. We hope to be able to demonstrate with tutorials, such as how use new commands, showcase new features, etc. Other news, such as current and future events, and new content from our upcoming market will also be presented. The posts will be divided into five different categories as described below.


We will share information from beta and official releases here. For example, we will summarize major changes from our official releases.


New functionality for current and upcoming releases is presented in this section. We’ve already added a few blog post covering new commands as well as describing the new license management in the GUI.


Information about new and upcoming content from our future object platform (Impetus MARKET). In conclusion, new and exciting content from both us and from our content providers will be posted here.


We will keep you updated on our user conference and other events where we are present and where you can meet us and learn more about our product.


The intention is to share news from the community of IMPETUS users, partners and service providers. As a starting point, we’ve ported all the previous case studies from the Industries page to blog posts.


We look forward to provide our community with news and useful content. Stay tuned!


Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.