News Impetus MARKET – Version 2.0

Impetus MARKET – Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of Impetus MARKET

Version 2.0 of Impetus MARKET has been released. Suppliers of good and useful data can now register and upload their licensable objects.

Version 2.0

Users can specify the objects of interest and the system will provide your company with a quote. When the purchase order has been received, Impetus MARKET will make the licenses and corresponding objects available for download.

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Initial licensable objects

We have the following set of suppliers of licensable objects available closely after the first release:


  • Hybrid III®, Male, 50th percentile Dummy

Nordmetall GmbH

  • Structural steels
    • High strength low alloyed steel S690
    • S355 acc. DIN EN 10025
  • Armor grades
    • Mars® 380 (different thicknesses)
    • Mars® 440
    • Mars® 500
    • Armox® 600
    • Armox® Advance
  • Threat materials
    • THA
    • FSP20 material

AFUS Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

  • Biofidelic-Dummy (PRIMUS breakable®)

Hyndla AS

  • Various ship bow designs for ship impact analysis

Enodo AS

  • Docol® 600DL/DP
  • 1180DP
  • 1300M
  • 1400M
  • 1700M
  • NVE36 (S355)
  • X65 offshore steel

Object gallery

Hybrid III, Male, 50th percentile dummy with MIL-LX leg as an option.
Hybrid III®, Male, 50th percentile dummy with MIL-LX® leg as an option.
The biofidelic dummy object (PRIMUS Breakable) of AFUS GmbH.
The biofidelic dummy object (PRIMUS Breakable®) of AFUS GmbH. The project of AFUS Research Company was developed in close cooperation with EDAG Engineering, Crashtest-Service and the University of Applied Sciences Dresden.
Information about the suppliers

Nordmetall GmbH

Nordmetall GmbH is a private research and development company and engineering consulting office. The group of employees consists of experienced scientists and technicians under the administration of Dr. Norman Herzig. We are a specialized company with the mission to assist our customer in solving their specific challenges of material loading in sophisticated engineering applications. The main focus of our activities is on experimental characterization of strength and failure properties of materials within a wide range of loading state regarding stress state, strain rate, and temperature. Thereby, we can offer sophisticated material testing, constitutive modelling and model calibration for numerical simulations as well as material analysis, design, and development.

AFUS Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

AFUS Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a company for applied vehicle technology and safety and enables practical developments and industry-related product solutions.

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Hyndla AS

We are experts in structural analysis and product design using light weight materials such as aluminium. With FEM analysis and 3D modeling we optimize the design process, documentation, material selection and product design. Our in-house, cloud-based data management software for seamless transition between the 3D world of Autodesk and the computational power of IMPETUS Afea Solver gives us our competitive edge to the benefit of our customers.

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Enodo AS

We specialize in simulations of deformation, failure, and fracture in aluminium, steel and polymers. Through years of industry collaboration we have learned the importance of accurate simulations in all phases of the design process. Our principal focus is to supply increasingly precise material models.

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Suppliers of good and useful data can now register and upload their licensable objects


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