News IMPETUS Solver Version 8.0

IMPETUS Solver Version 8.0

IMPETUS Solver Version 8.0

A quantum leap in air blast modelling capabilities.



We encourage all IMPETUS Defense users to try out our brand new, ultraefficient, CFD solver for air blast simulations.

The CFD solver bridges the gap between Discrete Particles (applicable for close range blast and contact detonations) and the semi-empirical pressure-time history curves in *LOAD_AIR_BLAST (suitable for large stand-off distances).

Full coupling between the CFD domain and Lagrangian Finite Elements is supported.

The family of input commands is *CFD_[NAME]. The format is similar to that of *PARTICLE_[NAME].

Explosion in confined space
Steel fragments (FE) interacting with detonation products and air (CFD)

Vulnerable area assessment

The vulnerable area assessment tool has been improved. The treatment of edge effects is different from before and there is a significant speed-up of the calculations. To ensure backwards compatibility a new command *VAA has been created. The old command *VULNERABLE_AREA_ASSESSMENT remains unaltered, but it will eventually be phased out.

Edge effect speed-up in Version 8.0

Discrete particles and SPH

The general discrete particle and SPH restart functionality has been improved. It is now possible to import multiple state files (impetus_state_particleX.bin) from previous simulations.

The SPH solver has been enhanced and is now better at handling the interaction between materials with large differences in stiffness and density.

Hot forming material model

*MAT_HOT_FORMING is a material model for hot forming operations. It accounts for a strain, strain rate and temperature dependent flow stress, recrystallization, precipitation hardening and recovery.


Support for visualizing the CFD results has been added to the GUI. As a few manual adjustments are required on each model to get the best visualization, we found it best to describe how to set up CFD visualization in a separate blog post. Please have a look here for the details.

A lot of smaller improvements and bug fixes have also made it into this release. Have a look at the release notes for a complete overview.

First supplier on Impetus MARKET

Welcome to AFUS GmbH, our first external supplier entering Impetus MARKET. AFUS offers a complete numerical model of PRIMUS breakable, a biofidelic crash test dummy.

Single strength parameter concrete object on Impetus MARKET

Years of development, experience and work is bundled in a new concrete material object. The documentation and validation are extensive. This material object can be used for both terminal ballistics and blast loading applications.

We hope this will save a lot of work for practicing engineers and researchers within the field and give higher precision in your work.

Engine release notes v8.0

  • *PARTICLE_DOMAIN: Improved restart functionality. It is now possible to import multiple state files (impetus_state_particleX.bin). We also output more restart sub-domain data to
  • *PARTICLE_DOMAIN: Improved particle filling algorithm. Bug fix in GPU based particle-structure contact algorithm.
  • *PARTICLE_SPH: Improved SPH particle filling scheme.
  • *PARTICLE_SPH: General improvement of accuracy and ability to handle the interaction between materials with significantly different density and stiffness.
  • *PARTICLE_SPH: Internal energies for each individual sub-domain are now calculated and output to particle_sub_domain.out.
  • *PARTICLE_SPH_JET: Improved calculation of jet data.
  • *LOAD_AIR_BLAST: Blast wave arrival time bug fix.
  • *MERGE: Improved ability to handle complex geometries with symmetric and cyclic dependencies.
  • *VULNERABLE_AREA_ASSESSMENT: Bug fix in handling of angle dependency and multiple layers.
  • *VAA: Reworked vulnerable area assessment tool, with more robust and efficient treatment of edge effects.
  • *GEOMETRY_PIPE: Added support for pipe sectors.
  • *CONNECTOR_SPRING: Added variables (to be used in *FUNCTION) for min/max elongation (dnorm_min/dnorm_max).
  • *MAT_FABRIC_ISOTROPIC: A new, easy-to-use, model for fabric materials.
  • A new CFD solver for blast loading (included in Impetus DEFENSE). The corresponding commands are *CFD_DOMAIN, *CFD_GAS, *CFD_HE and *CFD_DETONATION.

Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.