News IMPETUS Solver Version 8.1

IMPETUS Solver Version 8.1

News and updates

IMPETUS Solver v8.1 comes with a significant upgrade to the SPH solver, improved CFD functionality and more.


Surface SPH

SPH material boundaries are now identified and tracked. Having an explicit description of surfaces unlocks the door to a variety of possibilities, such a full CFD-SPH coupling and an improved visualization in the GUI.

CFD-SPH coupling

CFD-SPH coupling is automatically activated if the CFD and particle domains are overlapping. The picture below shows a snapshot from a Shaped Charge simulation where the explosive is modeled with a CFD approach and liner and casing with SPH.

Shaped Charge simulation utilizing CFD-SPH coupling.


The GUI supports both point based and surface visualization of SPH bodies. The settings are accessed by choosing Particles in the object tree and then Visualization.

Point based (left) and surface visualization (right) of a Shaped Charge jet and casing.

CFD solver

Apart from a powerful CFD-SPH coupling, work has been done to improve the accuracy of non-reflective boundaries. There is also a new command *CFD_SOURCE that defines a gas generator inside the CFD domain.


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