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Advanced multi-disciplinary CAE

Starting with version 21.1.0, ANSA pre-processor is enriched with a new model preparation deck dedicated to IMPETUS solver. Developed by BETA CAE Systems, ANSA is an advanced multi-disciplinary CAE pre-processor that offers the toolset and the versatility engineers need to effectively address model complexity, in a single integrated environment.

ANSA Pre-processor

Through ANSA, IMPETUS users can input and operate on 3D CAD designs and product variant definitions from most of the contemporary CAD & PLM sources, automatically heal errors, apply the desired solid structural mesh, and efficiently assemble individual components into complete IMPETUS-oriented simulation models. Furthermore, engineers accustomed to other non-liner explicit solvers can now experiment on IMPETUS using the ANSA interoperability capabilities to interpret their legacy/existing models.

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META Post-processor

META multi-purpose post-processor is also complementing IMPETUS-support. It offers the ability to import IMPETUS results and visualize scalar and vector results, curves, synchronize plots with 3D animations, and visualize blast particles.

Using numerous standard or custom automation features, META allows analysts to compress results, create detailed reports and photorealistic animations, compare and correlate simulation results against experiments, collaborate through VR, and many more.

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Supported IMPETUS Commands in ANSA 21.1.0

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Within the fruitful collaboration framework between IMPETUS Afea and BETA CAE Systems, we look forward to accommodating the feedback from the engineering community and enhance the support of IMPETUS solver at the pre- & post-processing levels in upcoming ANSA & META releases.

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Stylianos Seitanis

Managing Director / BETA CAE Nordic AB

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