News What is an object in IMPETUS?

What is an object in IMPETUS?


Impetus MARKET allows you to subscribe to and download different kinds of objects. But what is an object? What is it used for? Is it useful for me? Is it something I should care about? This document will try to answer these questions.

The big picture

Often the same set of commands and values are used repeatedly in many simulations. Material calibrations are a good example of that, as they are usually just copied and pasted from some previous simulation. It would be more elegant to extract those sets of common commands and put them into a library that would make them easy to reuse and share with others. This is exactly what objects are used for.

In IMPETUS, an object consists of a set of commands, meta-data, documentation and attachments like .pdf files or videos. Everything is packed into a single binary file. By organizing these files in a folder hierarchy on a shared network drive, the objects are available to all IMPETUS users in your organization as well as the simulation server.

All IMPETUS users can create their own objects if they like. If you have a sub-set of commands that you regularly use in multiple simulations, encapsulating them in a reusable object is worth considering. It is a good way of storing and transferring the knowledge that lies behind defining those commands for future use. And it is easy to share your object with others, both inside and outside your organization.

Objects can be protected. You can configure your object to require a license to use. Other users will then not be able to use your object unless you create a time limited license for them. In this way you have full control over who uses your intellectual property. And they can use your object without seeing the internal commands.

As you can see, encapsulating model data into reusable objects can be very powerful. By collecting a large library of objects onto a single platform and making it available to all our users, we hope everyone will benefit. This is the reason we created Impetus MARKET.

Examples of use

As examples of the benefits objects enables, we have prepared a couple of videos showing how these are used in practice. The first shows how a material calibration can be obtained from Impetus MARKET and directly used in a simulation. The second shows how a terminal ballistics simulation can be set up in few minutes by using materials and projectiles found on Impetus MARKET.

How to use a material object

How to use a projectile object


Our engineers will help you select and calibrate appropriate project simulations to best determine whether Impetus Solver is the best fit for your needs.